Leonard & Salome' Tadford

   Leonard and Salome’ have been married since 1984 (38 years) and we are still each other’s best friend.

   Although trauma was experienced in 1989 with our youngest daughter suffering 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree burns to        35% of her body at the age of two years and two weeks, resulting in years of reconstructive surgery and therapy we went on to raise three wonderful children. Who in turn have blessed us with four adorable grandchildren. And      there’s a fifth grandchild on the way.


 Leonard, a former Fireman, Paramedic and Security Specialist, entered the hospitality industry in 2006 until 2008   as Resort manager for a family-owned upmarket self-catering accommodation complex comprising of 26 sea   facing luxury flats and 12 Partial sea facing Standard accommodation units, in Umhlanga. And from 2013, Leonard was conducting foreign tourist tours around Southern   Africa until early 2020. This of course was abruptly ended by the Lockdown initiated in South Africa due to the   Pandemic.

“… I believe my passion and love for the hospitality accommodation was born due to my Dad managing a Church camp and missionary station “Pinksterhoek” on the Limpopo River about 40 km east of what is known as Musina. There was nothing more peaceful than running around the African bush barefoot and experiencing wild buck, snakes and crocodiles as an everyday occurrence. And taking city kids on so called guided tours of the African Bush during their vacations at the church camp….”

Vacations, for as long as we can remember, has been Tent camping in South Africa. We even owned a Hardbody Double cab which was exclusively used for transporting our camping equipment.


Salome’, a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood. Had her three-month-old son removed from her when she was only 14 years old. However, after 40 years of searching. Salome’ met her son again on the 5th July 2022.
You can read an article about this reunion by clicking on this button

To Salome's delight. She was also recently introduced to her 15 year old Granddaughter from her sons marriage.

Don't be mistaken. Our life hasn’t only been about trauma’s. We have also been very fortunate to have gone on to live in Germany, England & Scotland. Only to return to our beautiful South Africa.

Our passion is travelling South Africa by motorcycle, and we have owned 19 tour bikes in the last 39 years.

We are currently writing a book of our Life Story. And hope to publish this soon. Draft articles of this book will be linked to this web page soon